Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sara's Poetry

I hope one day she is famous.

say you love someone, just say
you love someone and holding their hand
or rubbing your thumb over their hipbone is all
you can think about during the week
you punch a clock 9 to 5 and there they are 1200 miles
away with your clumsy thumb
wearing that hipbone down, just say
you love someone and that hipbone
is all you have to help you through the day
the idea of their hipbone is just enough
in your mind you've whittled it down
because your heart got too hurt and the slow
touch of that bone was all that's left like a rut
where a truck tire stayed
spinning, not the way a buck makes his mark, something more
sloppy, but at least it didn't slide downhill, at least
it held steady, maybe as steady as a hipbone, maybe
long enough for the tread to meet what it needed to 
get out at just the right moment, just say
you love someone and you know that
it's best to give that hipbone up sometimes
the idea of that hipbone and all the wearing down
you can't do because 1200 miles 
is what really holds that hipbone
--Sara Slaughter

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